Welcome to the Angert Lab

Research in the Angert Lab lies at the interface of ecology and evolutionary biology. Much of our research focuses on the evolutionary ecology of species’ geographic distributions, asking what limits adaptation at the edges of species' ranges, why closely related species vary by orders of magnitude in range size, and how ranges are likely to shift in response to climatic changes. Another line of inquiry focuses on population and community dynamics and mechanisms of species coexistence. These different projects are united by a focus on mechanisms of, and constraints on, niche evolution and the consequences of divergence in niche properties for patterns of distribution and abundance. These projects take us to diverse habitats throughout western North America. We combine experimental manipulations in the field and in the lab with observations of natural populations and tools from quantitative genetics and physiological ecology. Learn more about current projects, lab members, and joining the lab.


Where are we?

Biodiversity Research Centre
University of British Columbia
2212 Main Mall (map)
Vancouver, B.C. V6T1Z4



Phone: 604.827.3892
Fax: 604.822.6089
Mail: 6270 University Blvd.





  • New Biodiversity/ Killam postdoctoral fellow Rachel Germain arrived in September. Welcome, Rachel!

  • Chris M. returned from a long field season in California with a van packed floor-to-ceiling with samples. Let the weighing begin!

  • 2016 range-wide demography census for M. cardinalis is in the books. Southern populations are still hurting from the record drought.

  • Amy just returned from a fun seminar visit to Penn State.

  • The countdown is on: Barb and Rachel will be defending their MSc theses this term.

  • New paper in press: Pironon et al. Biological Reviews, "Geographic variation in genetic and demographic performance: new insights from an old biogeographical paradigm."

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